Author: Jaime ("Jemmy") Legageur

Our Photo Shoot with Natalie Jennings

While attending Podfest this year, Glenn set up a photo shoot with one of the photographers offering their services there–Natalie Jennings from Los Angeles. And, we had quite the time doing it!! If anybody has a chance to book with Natalie, DO IT. She was personable, professional, creative, and played to our personalities. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience that day.

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Episode 4b: Around the State in 1 Day – Jaime & Glenn Tackle Florida Huddle

Jaime & Glenn take you on a “road trip” Around the State in 1 Day at Florida Huddle, presented by Visit Florida–the State’s official tourism marketing corporation. Thanks to the wonderful representatives from all around our land who shared their special slice of paradise. They really made this episode happen!! Your tour guides bring you along with them from Punta Gorda, all around coast to coast, and then down to the Florida Keys on this unique episode. Special thanks to the folks at Visit Florida for putting on Florida Huddle–the travel and tourism conference where this magic happened. Let’s go for a ride…

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Bonus Review: Legoland

This past weekend, I got to fulfill a lifelong dream (well, since about 2011, at least). As a girl who grew up on Legos and amassed a collection in the THOUSANDS (all still neatly organized, I might say), getting to Legoland was a MAJOR dream come true–and something I could not WAIT to have my 5&1/2 year-old son experience with me as well. So, we packed ourselves in the car and made the trip. Here’s how it went!!

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Episode 3b: The Challenge – Wheels of Daytona Beach

The Wheels of Daytona Beach! A town known to pack a punch, there was no better way for Jaime and Glenn to explore Daytona Beach then by challenging themselves to get on as many wheeled experiences as possible in a single day. Golf carts, bikes, ferris wheels, hot rods–you name it, they aimed to conquer them!

Florida is known for is it’s spectacular vacation destinations of all sorts. In this episode, our hosts take you to one town that covers all bases–famous for its boardwalk, speedway, and (of course) its beach… Daytona Beach!

Special thanks to the Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and our Daytona Beach listeners for all their help in putting this adventure together.  Hop in the back of Glenn’s pickup truck and enjoy the ride!

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Episode 3a: The Wheels of Daytona Beach Preview

Jaime and Glenn look ahead to their automotive-inspired adventures in Daytona Beach: getting into as much wheeled fun in 1 day as possible! How many wheels can they jump on?? Plus, they introduce you to the history of the town that’s home to the “World’s Most Famous Beach.” And, this month, they also give you a list of the great holiday attractions in our State, Glenn guesses if some crazy news stories happened in “Florida-or-Not,” and there is a mystery sound you don’t want to miss. Listen in…

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Episode 2b: The Road Trip – Animal Adventures of Route 1

The Animal Adventures of Route 1! Jaime and Glenn decided to explore the animal experiences you can find along and near Route 1 in south Florida. From turtles and alligators to panthers and manatees, join them as they get in some first-hand fun with Florida’s animals. They even visit a popular local pier and a fish market along the way! Listen in….

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Episode 2a: The Animals of Route 1 Preview

Jaime and Glenn look ahead to the first road trip-styled adventure: experiencing animal adventures along Route 1 in south Florida! Plus, they share some weird and interesting facts about both Route 1 and Florida’s crazy critters. And, the pair get into some fun, new segments that look at all sides of Florida’s animal fun! Listen in… (especially for their Mystery Sound contest!)

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