Our Photo Shoot with Natalie Jennings:
Photo credit: Natalie Jennings

While attending Podfest this year, Glenn set up a photo shoot with one of the photographers offering their services there–Natalie Jennings from Los Angeles. And, we had quite the time doing it!! If anybody has a chance to book with Natalie, DO IT. She was personable, professional, creative, and played to our personalities. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience that day.

We felt like instant friends, because Natalie is a photographer who clearly cares about her subjects. She even came by to see our presentation the next day on launching a locally-based podcast. Simply epic!!

In fact, one of our listeners, Robyn Sayles, happened to catch our photo shoot with Natalie first-hand and took this behind-the-scenes image for us (thanks, Robyn!). We were clearly having so much fun, she later told us, that she ended up booking her own session with Natalie. How wonderful!!

Photo credit: Robyn Sayles

Thanks for the great images, Natalie!!

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