Next Adventure: Miami International Boat Show!!
Our 16th Adventure!!

Photo credit: Miami International Boat Show

Let’s hit the water at the Miami Boat Show!! Glenn and Jaime will be checking out EVERYTHING about Florida’s boating industry–from boats and yachts of all sizes to the gear and personalities that come along with them. And, apparently, Stacey Wigmore (Managing Editor of BoatU.S. Magazine), heard our Crystal River adventure and took pity on Jaime’s boating skills; because, they are treating us to their On-Water Training Course!!

Plus, tons of locals and boaters will be chatting with us along the way, and we’ll be figuring out a place to hang with local listeners. Join us!

The Agenda of Stops for Our 16th Adventure:

Let’s hit the water!!

Friends & Fans Meet Up: TBD

Details to come…

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Sun ‘n’ Fun Fly-In

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