Next Adventure: Holiday Magic!!
Our 14th Adventure!!

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We are finding the holiday spirit in Florida!! We’ll be revisiting with our friends at the Bonnet House, checking out some sweet treats for the holidays at Serendipity Dessert Restaurant, finding Santa at his Enchanted Forrest, and so much more.

And, this time around, our preview episode is already out!! (whaaaatttt?!?)

Episode 14a: Holiday Magic Preview

Get ideas of the kind of fun you can have here in Florida for the holidays–a favorite time of year for so many of us. Just because we are in Florida–the SUNSHINE State–doesn’t mean we don’t know how to get into the holiday spirit! Jaime and Glenn will talk to representatives from three different visitors bureaus–St. Augustine, Pensacola, and Tampa Bay, about all the activities going on for the season. But, even if you’re not from any of THOSE places, check with your local visitors bureau to see what’s going on in YOUR town!!

Then, we’ll get into a whole bunch of other fun Florida holiday stuff, introducing you to our first ever double-dose of Our List Fix with “Great Gifts BY Floridians” versus “Goofy Gifts FOR Floridians.” IT’S OUR FLORIDA HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE!! Listen in…

Our holiday episodes are dedicated to helping support Little Smiles this holiday season.

Little Smiles is a South Florida nonprofit collecting toys and donations now through December 25th. Donate to Little Smiles’ 9th Annual Little Smiles Toy Drive! Visit for more information on the Toy Drive, their upcoming Stars Ball event, volunteer opportunities, and how to support Little Smiles and local children in need.

The Agenda of Stops for Our 14th Adventure:

We are going to discover a ton of fun adventure for the holidays!


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Holidays in Florida

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Sun ‘n’ Fun Fly-In

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