Our Interview on That Newport Show:

Courtesy: That Newport Show

We had the recent pleasure of being interviewed by Helena and Buck of That Newport Show! So, our “country to coast” show melded into their show about “America’s favorite city by the sea.” That Newport Show is about life, love, adventure and discovering happiness, and we can certainly relate to THAT!

Thanks so much for having us on, guys… what a treat! We hope everyone takes a listen, and we just updated the 6a show notes on our site with the link to this episode. Woot!!

Play the episode:

Thanks again for the interview, Helena and Buck!!

Tour Guide:  Jaime “Jemmy” Legagneur, Co-Host and Chief Enthusiasm officer: Jaime@FloridaPodcastNetwork.com

Tour Guide: Glenn the Geek, Co-Host and Chief Fun Officer: Glenn@FloridaPodcastNetwork.com

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