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Finding Florida is the podcast that takes you “from Country to Coast.”  Join your tour guides (an unlikely pair), City Girl Jaime (“Jemmy”) and Country Boy Glenn, as they explore the amazing sights and sounds of the Sunshine State.

This podcast is an interactive experience for the listeners as we want your help in planning and joining us on our adventures. Then, go find YOUR Florida adventure!


Fan Testimonials: Click to see what other listeners are saying about the show...!!

Brenda Nellums, Nov 20, 2017:

“Love Finding Florida! You two are great!”

Lindsey, Oct 26, 2017:

“I really like the format with part A covering history, having guests, and then part B covering the actual day of adventures – felt like a good balance.”

Debbie, Oct 25, 2017:

“Snappy opening, friendly chemistry, lots of giggles, interesting factoids. Loved them! I especially like the little facts and funnies about Florida.”

Kyle, Oct 25, 2017:

“Y’all seem to flow really well together. I really like the interviews with the random strangers…. best part IMHO. I like all the laughter, makes it fun.”

Carly, Oct 25, 2017:

“The interaction between the guests and you two was great! Jaime, seriously, you make new friends wherever you go don’t you? Your Facebook friend list is probably ridiculous. Great new podcast!”

Erica, Oct 25, 2017:

“Really love the partnership and the chemistry you to two have. Great fun vibe. This was a great sense of adventure, I really liked the interaction with the listeners.”

Meet Your Florida Tour Guides!

Like most Floridians, Jaime wasn’t BORN in the Sunshine State; but, she proudly claims it, since she’s lived here since 1982. After first living in Miami for a couple of years, her family moved north to Boca Raton, where she grew up. They landed there and witnessed the town develop around them.

Her podcast career began in 2014, when she launched Curve the Cube, and she later followed with Eggheads After Hours in 2016. Jaime founded the Florida Podcast Network in August 2017 with the goal of helping businesses and brands (in particular, in terms of travel and tourism) get into the powerful podcasting space, so they can propel Florida’s entrepreneurial prosperity forward.

Jaime is also the owner of Flint Stone Media–a podcasting services company, winner of the 2017 “In Yo Face” podcasting award, and organizer of the Palm Beach Podcasters MeetUp Group.

Glenn the Geek is one of the early pioneers in podcasting founding the Horse Radio Network in July 2008. Starting with one show (The Stable Scoop Radio Show) and no listeners, since then the Horse Radio Network has now grown to numerous shows with tens of thousands of listeners from around the world.

Glenn hosts several of the shows on the network including the Stable Scoop Radio ShowHORSES IN THE MORNING and the Driving Radio Show.

Known as America’s Horse Husband, Glenn married into the horse thing about 30 years ago when he met Jennifer, his horse addicted wife. Together they ran a large training, boarding and lesson facility for over 10 years. Glenn learned to drive horses and his passion lies in being in a carriage driving ponies.

In the early married years Glenn and Jennifer owned an improvisational acting company that did over 450 shows in ten years. Glenn is a believer that entertainment comes first, education second and he transfers that belief to the shows he hosts on HRN.

An Interactive Podcast? REALLY??? YES!! Here’s How it Works:

Watch for our social media posts asking for suggestions for our next Florida town adventure.
We pick our top 2-3 challenge suggestions, and you vote on which we should do.
We head out for our latest Florida adventure of YOUR choice–whether a challenge or a road trip experience.
Follow the adventure on two podcast episodes released nearly back-to-back: the Preview and then our Adventure!!

And, watch for our extra podcast bits and videos released throughout the month!!

We Love Meeting Our Listeners…

And, you can join us out for the fun, too! Check out our upcoming Florida adventures