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Episode 7c: BONUS – Big Cat Rescue

May 21, 2018 | Bonus Stops, Episodes

On this bonus episode, Jaime and Glenn stop on their way to Tampa Bay to take a tour of Big Cat Rescue–an animal rescue on 67 acres in Tampa. Big Cat Rescue is one of the biggest accredited sanctuaries dedicated to big cats, including tigers, lions, leopards, cougars, linx, bobcats, and so much more. Special thanks to Susan Bass from Big Cat Rescue for giving us such a special tour.

Listen in, and if you love big cats, text “CATS” to 52886 and help make a difference!

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Tour Guide:  Jaime “Jemmy” Legagneur, Co-Host and Chief Enthusiasm officer:

Tour Guide: Glenn the Geek, Co-Host and Chief Fun Officer:

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Pic Credit:  Finding Florida Podcast

Special Thanks to: Susan Bass, Director of Public Relations at Big Cat Rescue

Link: Big Cat Cams

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Rhonda, May 21, 2018:

“Another great episode! Can’t wait until we are snowbirds and can see all these places.”

Dianna, May 23, 2018:

“Thank you so much for visiting BCR; we all appreciate it. These cats have been through so much. Carole Baskin and crew have done an amazing job providing a great retirement home.”

Kim, May 24, 2018:

“Loved this episode!”

Janelle, May 30, 2018:

“I really did learn about the abuse and number of big cats in the US and was surprised about how many there actually are. Thanks for doing this podcast.”

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