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Episode 28: The Return of Florida Sports and Mating Gators

May 22, 2020 | Episodes, Preview Episodes

Josh Cohen of ESPN West Palm shares his thoughts on how sports will resume in Florida. We give you fair warning to be aware of mating gators when venturing outdoors. Then, we reveal our last episode’s Mystery Sound. Plus, we chat about NASA, Publix, face masks, and farmers. Listen in…

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Featured Pic Credit: Finding Florida Podcast

Guest: Josh Cohen of ESPN West Palm | His Twitter

Guest: Josh Cohen & The HomeTeam | Ep. 89 of Curve The Cube with Josh Cohen

Link: Florida Authorities Warn of Road Rage Among Mating Gators (From Gatorland in Orlando)

Link: Publix is Buying Excess Milk and produce From Farmers — and Donating it to Food Banks

Found Footage Episode: 11c: Small Towns Coast-to-Coast Part 2 of 2

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