Author: Glenn

Next Adventures: Tampa Bay & Ft. Lauderdale

We are bringing the show to Ft. Lauderdale!!

For our first tour of this sunny city on the water (where cohost, Jaime, went to high school), we are “Finding the Fancy”–checking out some of the most notable points of revitalization and high-end affair. From wine tastings and art auctions to ballroom dancing and the best places for tea time, we are painting the town red on this road trip adventure through the greater Fort Lauderdale area!

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Episode 5b: Cruising into Signature Key West

Giving you two adventures in one, Jaime and Glenn cruise their way into Key West!  Join them as they take you on an action-packed adventure on land and sea!  Can they do the 10-in-1 challenge with only 6 hours at port in Key West?  From jet boats to pedicabs, this is one adventure not to miss! Listen in…

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Episode 00: Introducing The Finding Florida Podcast

Introducing Finding Florida, the podcast that takes you “from Country to Coast.”  Join your tour guides (an unlikely pair), City Girl Jaime (“Jemmy”) and Country Boy Glenn, as they explore the amazing sights and sounds of the Sunshine State.  A truly unique travel adventure show that brings you along for the ride, figuratively and literally.  Listen in…

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