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Episode 25: Virtues of the Virtual Vacation with Vicky Sosa from Buddy the Traveling Monkey

Apr 11, 2020 | Episodes, Preview Episodes

Glenn catches us up with the latest from some of Florida’s biggest attractions. Vicky Sosa from Buddy the Traveling Monkey joins us to share the virtues of the virtual vacation at this time and her ideas for some of the BEST Florida vacations from your living room. Plus, we have brand new segments for Community Clipboard, Flori-DUH, and Florida-or-Not. AND, we also will be sharing a bit of Found Footage from our very FIRST adventure when we met three very inebriated ladies. Listen in…

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Featured Pic Credit: Finding Florida Podcast

Guest: Vicky Sosa from Buddy the Traveling Monkey | Best Virtual Experiences in FloridaHer Ocala list | Follow Her on Instagram

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Link: Selection of debunked claims about how to prevent, treat, or ‘cure’ COVID-19, according to AFP Fact Check

Found Footage Episode: Episode 1b: The Challenge – 10 Free Things to Do at Disney World in 1 Day

Link: A gender reveal party ignited a 10-acre brush fire in Florida, fire officials say

Link: Couple names newborn twins Covid and Corona

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