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Finding Florida is the podcast that takes you “from Country to Coast.”  Join your tour guides (an unlikely pair), City Girl Jaime (“Jemmy”) and Country Boy Glenn, as they explore the amazing sights and sounds of the Sunshine State.

This podcast is an interactive experience for the listeners as we want your help in planning and joining us on our adventures. Then, go find YOUR Florida adventure!


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Fan Testimonials: Click to see what other listeners are saying about the show...!!

@Thereandbackstu (Ohio), Dec 19, 2018:

“Even if you don’t live in Florida, this is still an awesome show. I’m a huge fan (and auditor) to the horse radio network. All their shows are amazing!! Give them a listen, you won’t regret it.”

Kimberly, Apr 10, 2018:

“Every show makes me want to go on all these adventures!”

Rhonda, Apr 01, 2018:

“I love when you play the Florida jingle from the 70’s.”

Melissa Sherman of Billie Swamp Safari, Mar 30, 2018:

“You guys are AWESOME!”

Zach, Mar 12, 2018:

“I want to thank you for the Finding Florida podcast offering. It is real fun, educational, entertaining, and a nice diversion to boring commutes especially in the cold north. You two make a real good pair as cohosts. Thank you both for what you do!”

Courtney, Mar 08, 2018:

“Super fun and entertaining to listen to! I’m learning so much about my favorite state! Thanks guys!”

Howard, Mar 07, 2018:

“As a Floridian prodigal son, I grew up in Rockledge, FL then moved away when I got married and after about 15 years moved back to Orlando. I gotta say, you guys are great and I love this new podcast. I’d love to connect with your guys if you make your way back to Central Florida soon. Keep those great episodes coming!”

Brenda Nellums, Nov 20, 2017:

“Love Finding Florida! You two are great!”

Lindsey, Oct 26, 2017:

“I really like the format with part A covering history, having guests, and then part B covering the actual day of adventures – felt like a good balance.”

Debbie, Oct 25, 2017:

“Snappy opening, friendly chemistry, lots of giggles, interesting factoids. Loved them! I especially like the little facts and funnies about Florida.”

Kyle, Oct 25, 2017:

“Y’all seem to flow really well together. I really like the interviews with the random strangers…. best part IMHO. I like all the laughter, makes it fun.”

Carly, Oct 25, 2017:

“The interaction between the guests and you two was great! Jaime, seriously, you make new friends wherever you go don’t you? Your Facebook friend list is probably ridiculous. Great new podcast!”

Erica, Oct 25, 2017:

“Really love the partnership and the chemistry you to two have. Great fun vibe. This was a great sense of adventure, I really liked the interaction with the listeners.”

Wendy, Oct 17, 2017:

“My new favorite podcast ! Florida is so fun. We have so many great things to do, but it’s way more fun to watch you try to cram them into one day. Come down to Sarasota for a land-to-sea challenge!”

Meet Your Florida Tour Guides!

Like most Floridians, Jaime wasn’t BORN in the Sunshine State; but, she proudly claims it, since she’s lived here since 1982. After first living in Miami for a couple of years, her family moved north to Boca Raton, where she grew up. They landed there and witnessed the town develop around them.

Her podcast career began in 2014, when she launched Curve the Cube, and she later followed with Eggheads After Hours in 2016. Jaime founded the Florida Podcast Network in August 2017 with the goal of helping businesses and brands (in particular, in terms of travel and tourism) get into the powerful podcasting space, so they can propel Florida’s entrepreneurial prosperity forward.

Jaime is also the owner of Flint Stone Media–a podcasting services company, winner of the 2017 “In Yo Face” podcasting award, and organizer of the Palm Beach Podcasters MeetUp Group.

Glenn the Geek is one of the early pioneers in podcasting, founding the Horse Radio Network in July 2008. Starting with one show (The Stable Scoop Radio Show) and no listeners, Glenn has since grown HRN to over 15 shows with tens of thousands of listeners from around the world!

Glenn hosts several of the shows on HRN including the Stable Scoop Radio Show, HORSES IN THE MORNING and the Driving Radio Show. He met Jaime in February 2017 at Podfest where he is often a keynote speaker and after a period of time as her mentor, he hired her as the Production Coordinator for HRN. Soon after, Glenn was gracious enough to join in on Jaime’s live broadcast for International Podcast Day about the podcasting scene in Florida. After realizing their mutual love and curiosity for the State, they had the crazy idea of teaming up and starting a podcast together about it! Thus, was born Finding Florida in October 2017.

Glenn is a believer that entertainment comes first, education second, and he transfers that belief to the shows he hosts on both HRN and FPN. Jaime was ecstatic to welcome Glenn on board as an official member of the Florida Podcast Network team in April 2018!

An Interactive Podcast? REALLY??? YES!! Here’s How it Works:


First, be sure to join us in the FPN Insiders on Facebook and:

  • Suggest your favorite towns, attractions, and other spots–big or small–where we should visit next.
  • Share any crazy stories, events, fun Florida lists, or whatever else you find on the interwebs and share some laughs with the other Insiders. Who knows… We just might turn it into content for the show, giving you credit!


Look for us to announce our next adventure’s agenda, which will include the location, date, and time of our listener meet-up. Meet us out, join in on the fun (trivia, conversation, drinks, food, whatever), and make it on the show!!


Listen to the episodes and follow our social media to participate in any contests we may be running that month.


Have any other ideas? Feel free to email Jaime@FloridaPodcastNetwork.com. Want to share something in your own voice? Call (772) 226-0858 and leave us a voicemail!

It’s all super fun and easy. Let’s find Florida together!!

We Love Meeting Our Listeners…

And, you can join us out for the fun, too! Check out our upcoming Florida adventures