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Episode 29: Coming to Life and the Florida Trivia Challenge

May 27, 2020 | Episodes, Preview Episodes

Glenn covers reopenings from Disney to the Florida Keys. Shane Whaley from the Tourpreneur Show speaks with us about how tour operators think things will go the rest of the year. Then, We present a Florida Trivia Challenge, with Jaime playing a very special surprise guest–Jonathan Oakes out of Jacksonville and from the Trivial Warfare Podcast! Listen in…

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Featured Pic Credit: Finding Florida Podcast

Guest: Shane Whaley from the Tourpreneur Show | Facebook | Twitter

Guest: Jonathan Oakes from Trivial Warfare | Facebook | Twitter

Link: Disney Recipe: Pot Roast From 50’s Prime Time Cafe

Link: The Entire Salvador Dalí Museum In Florida Can Now Be Toured From Your Couch

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